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August 24, 2016

confusedYou've met some of the freshman entering college this year and you are confused. Why is it so hard to communicate? Perhaps, you just aren't speaking the same language. Acceding to the Beloit College 2016 Mindset List for freshman (born in 1998) here are some truths:

-Don't email if you want to connect. They use text.
-eBay has been existence their whole lives.
-Cloning has always been a mundane lab procedure.
-Sponge Bob Square Pants has always lived at Bikini Bottom.
-Serema Williams has always been winning Grand Slam singles titles.
-The US has always been at war.
-They have never had to watch or listen to a program at a scheduled time.

And there are more - 60 to be sure and you can read them all here Beloit College Mindset List.


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