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The birth flower for the month of February

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Iris species (Iris)

Wisdom, hope, my compliments

Native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region, irises are bulbous perennials. The popular blooms are members of the Iridaceae family and take their name from the Greek goddess who transported messages between mortals and the Mount Olympus deities. Takes its name from the Greek goddess who transported messages between mortals and the Mount Olympus.

Availability and Vase Life
Although traditionally considered a spring bloom, many iris cultivars are available year-round from growers. Irises are delicate, however, and have one of the shortest cut flower vase lives at just 3-6 days.





Care and Handling
Irises are thirsty flowers, so process them immediately upon receipt to guard against dehydration and water stress. Remove foliage that will fall below the water line and recut iris stems under water.

Keep irises in a cool location away from drafts and excessive heat to maximize their longevity.

Design Uses
Because of their distinctive shapes, irises are frequently used as form flowers in floral designs so their graceful silhouettes can be fully appreciated. Their height also makes them ideal for use as line flowers to help establish designs' shapes and sizes.

Colors: White, yellow, blue, purple, throat is usually yellow.

Try this selected  arrangement using iris to celebrate February.

Lovely LetterboxLovely Letterbox

Time to receive Valentine's, letters and more.  Create this cozy container to brighten your winter days.

Courtesy: Flower Promotion Organization

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Stardreamer DayliliesBe good to the environment by planting daylilies.  Drought and pest resistant, they need nothing nature doesn't already provide.

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