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Fall Foliage Facts

From the
Virginia Department of Forestryleaf

15.8 million acres or 62.5% of Virginia is forested and hardwood forests make up 78% of all Virginia timberland; softwood forests make up 22%.

Did you know that Virginia forests are growing more timber than is being harvested? The growth/removals ratio is 1.65 for hardwood and 1.07 for softwood.

What Makes Leaves Change Color?

As days grow shorter, and nights grow longer and cooler, biochemical processes in the leaf begin to turn color. The various colors depend upon the particular species. The Pigments include:

  • leavesChlorophyll  the green that begins to fade
  • Carotenoids  make yellow, orange and brown
  • Anthocyanins  make red, maroon, purple
  • Trees that are in shade turn more yellow, while those in the sun show more brilliant shades of red!

    Virginia Trees & Colors

    ash  yellow, maroon
    beech yellow to orange
    dogwood scarlet to purple
    hickory golden bronze
    oak red, brown or russet
    poplar golden yellow
    red maple brilliant scarlet

    For more science on why and how leavesleaf change color including graphics, try this  page at the National Forestry Service

    Why Leaves Change Colors

    Leaf graphics and information from the Virginia Department of Forestry and Virginia is for Lovers sites

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