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Capturing the Colors of Greene Tips for Photographing Fall

The brilliant autumn scenery is far to beautiful to preserve only in our memories so many of us want to try our hand at photographic preservat9ion.  While the many forms of accessible and easy imaging make it possible for anyone to get a good picture, I have collected some tips for taking the photo you want. 

For more information, click on the links to the sources provided at the end of the tip box.  

Photographing the state’s explosion of fall color
Thanks in part to digital technology, photography has become an increasingly popular pastime – and there is no finer time than fall to bring this passion into focus. Whether using a digital or film camera, here are a few easy tips to help make the most of your fall foliage photo sessions:

Pay attention to the time of day. The best photo opportunities occur in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky, enhancing the mellow illumination of autumn. Professional photographers also say an overcast sky lends greater richness to nature’s fall color palette.

Capturing the fall fireworks show. Keep in mind that most cameras are unable to capture a distant view in the same way as your eyes. Improve your chances of getting the picture you want by getting closer and keeping the amount of sky to a minimum.

Getting creative with close ups. Choose a cluster of brightly colored leaves and move in close for a stunning snapshot of autumn. If photographing a loved one, fill two-thirds of the picture frame with your subject, which will still include plenty of fall color in the background.

From: OHIO OUTDOOR NOTEBOOK  By Laura Jones, Ohio Department of Natural Resources 2005

More Photographing Tips
By Alex Carrier

Though I lay no claim to being a professional photographer, here are some things I have found work for me. 

Use a digital camera on the highest resolution setting.  This will give you the best result if you choose to do an editing later.

Get a memory card with LOTS of memory.  Take LOTS of photos.  Even professional photographers take many photographs to get that perfect one you see in the end.

Spend a day experimenting.  Take notes so you know what you did with each photograph to discover what works best for you. 

Use adjacent structures to highlight the color of the leaves.  Brightly hued leaves look even brighter when photographer next to the gray-brown trunk of a tree.  Yellow leaves pop when positioned in front of a brick or stone structure. 

Squint.  It sounds funny and you look funny but it gives you a good idea of how the colors, hues, shadow and light will appear in your picture.  It is a really good way to see if you are going to get the color contrast you want. 

leaf in rainGet up close and personal.  Zoom in on the picture within the picture.  Show the color variation and veins within the leaf.  Show the dappled dots of light along a branch or the woodland floor. Capture the creatures among the leaves - an ant, a toad, even deer can give extra life to your photograph.

Don't look for perfect foliage.  Look for a picture that means something to you.    If you can't touch your own mind and heart with what you photograph, you will not be able to reach others with your work.

For more tips, try these helpful links:

How to Photograph Fall Foliage (PDF) from Arlington Camera
Laconia & Weirs Beach Foliage Viewing (and photographing) tips
Fall Foliage Photography Tips from the
New York Institute of Photography

autumn leaves


Don't be so involved in getting the perfect photo that you forget to enjoy the real thing.  Fall foliage (and all nature) is made for first person enjoyment as often as possible.  Having a great narrative to go along with your photo makes sharing the experience even more memorable.  Alex Carrier


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