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Let's Grow Greene


let's grow greene!

Growth is a good thing.  As long as we live, we grow - physically, emotionally, mentally and with some much hoped for maturity.  The trick to living well is to keep growing  into something better.

This principle applies just as well to a wonderful community like Greene County.  It will grow - that is inevitable.  The trick is for the people who love it, who care for it, to guide the growth toward something better. 

Even a cursory glance through our pages will reveal how much we love Greene County and the surrounding area.  We love the people, the mountains, the atmosphere and we are not shy about sharing that love with everyone else. 

Would you help us share the love?

Help us grow.  We love the hours we spend working to promote the people and places of Greene County and we want to share that knowledge with others.  That is why our pages are free to readers.  To pay for the hours of work and the costs of this site, we rely on revenue from advertisers.  

We do everything to be conservative in our costs and our environmental impact.  If you would like to help us keep the message going, there are several ways you can help.

Encourage people to check out our website.  Not everyone will like it but we hope enough will enjoy our pages to grow our readership.  A bigger readership makes businesses want to advertise and it means more people will share the Greene experience - even if only by web.

Click on our advertisers.  You don't have to go through all of them but if you click on just one every time you visit, the businesses will feel advertising  on our site is worthwhile.  Since we believe we have great businesses in our community, we also believe you will find that checking our advertisers will lead you to businesses you will like. 

We also work hard at adding a little interest or humor to our advertisements so see what we have been up to each time you visit.

Give us feedback.   We can be good and we can be bad and we try to be more of the former than the later.  Let us know what you like and what you don't and we will try to change what we can.   We can't please everyone but we can try to better ourselves and our site. 

Let us know about the great people, places and activities in Greene County and the surrounding area.  Our goal is to promote who and what are good about this area.  We know many but we also know there are many more we miss.  Since we are mostly one full-time, how many hours can I fit in a day person (me:)  and several people who happily help as they can (one of a kind adorable husband and faithful fantastic friends), we may not be able to cover everything but we will surely try and we do our best to get the word out.  Please be patient when it takes a while.

Introduce yourself.  Although we have a software program to track visitors to our site, the information is limited to the number of visitors and country or region or origin..  We are amazed at the variety of places our visitors come from and we would love to know more about you.  We know Greene County is a wonderful undiscovered by many treasure (which rhymes with pleasure and leisure by the way - coincidence? I think not.)  but who knew it would translate on an international level?

How did you find out about us?  Where do you live and what do you do?  If you are not a resident of this area, would you like to visit or start a business or live here?  There are many reasons to do all three and more.  We would love to welcome you.

Let us know what information you need.   If you are considering a  visit, what kind of activities do you like and how many are on the guest list?  If we can't do it all, we know many who can help plan your visit and make it a true Greene experience. (It's a good time, for sure.)   We will be adding pages to help you learn more about the benefits of a Greene  vacation. 

Looking to build a business or work in Greene County or this area?  We know who can help you there and we can tell you from our own experience, business is good in Greene.  New pages are under construction on our site to help you  check out the advantages of doing businesses in Greene

Want to live Greene.  We can certainly recommend it.  We'll put out the welcome mat and invite you to join a true community. 

Here is how you can get or give information.  ASK ALEX email link.  Since your email address will not appear on the email (it will show the email as coming from our site only) you will need to provide your email address  in the body of your message. 

If you are asking for information that will need to be mailed, you will need to provide a complete mailing address.  Phone numbers are helpful but not necessary unless you are telling us about an upcoming event or person or place you would like to see profiled and we will need a contact person with phone number for that.

Let us know what information you want.  The more you can tell us about what you are searching for in Greene, the better we can provide the facts you need.  

If you are telling us about yourself so we can better understand what you like about our site, how you learned about us and who you are; we thank you especially.  The more we can do to make each visit a fun and informative experience for you and everyone, the happier we will be.  (I admit.  It can be weird sending works, pictures and ideas into Internetspace and not knowing how it is received.)

your privacy and information are safe with us.  We will only use it for the reasons listed above and we will not share it with anyone who is not involved in getting you information you have requested.  We will most certainly, definitely, in their dreams not going to happen sell or give the information you provide us to other people.  We don't want people to do that to us and we won't do it to you.

Thank you for reading this epic of information.  Take a deep breath.  Relax.  Smile.  Then...

let's   grow   greene!

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